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President Trump has spent nearly four years fighting for us. He needs you to spend 1 day fighting for him by protecting the sanctity of Michigan elections. Be a poll worker and help count absentee ballots at TCF Center (formerly called Cobo Hall). 

With a record number of absentee ballots expected, your help is needed now more than ever. Detroit has long had problems providing an accurate vote count. This problem will be amplified with Trump on the ballot. Don't believe me? Read about the ballot counting fiasco that occurred during the 2020 Primary Election. Voter turnout during the November General Election will be greater than the August election, leading to an even greater fiasco unless Trump supporters step up.

An excerpt from the Detroit News:

Election workers in Detroit's primary improperly altered some votes and counted thousands of absentee ballots without checks against voter lists, say GOP poll challengers who contend Michigan's largest city isn't ready for November's election.

Detroit, where problems counting ballots have been in the spotlight for at least 15 years, is quickly becoming a key front in the political fight over election integrity. Republicans are signing affidavits about problems they saw in the Aug. 4 primary, while Democratic state officials are taking steps they hope will improve ballot handling in the general election.

Read what Bob Cushman found when he worked the polls in Detroit during the August 4, 2020, Primary Election.

The Democrats will ignore election law and ballot counting procedures in order to defeat President Trump. You can help foil their plan by becoming a poll worker. Stay with us and we'll explain the process.

Don't delay as time is of the essence.

Our biggest threat to this election is Governors from opposing parties controlling ballots, millions of ballots!”

President Donald J. Trump

 What is the single most important thing you can do to help President Trump on Tuesday, November 3, 2020?

Join the “Guard the Vote Team” as a paid election inspector counting absentee ballots. Help ensure election integrity while working with a few hundred other Trump Republican Patriots.


Be a Paid Election Inspector OR Volunteer as a Trump Victory Poll Challenger…

Choose ONE of 3 critical options below: 


  • Apply to be a PAID Election Inspector counting Absentee Ballots. We need honest Republicans on the job.

Go to for links & detailed instructions.


Note: We urge you & friend(s) to apply together to TWO cities in case you are turned down by one. Apply with a couple of friends & carpool.


In addition: MAKE SURE YOU ALSO SEND your name & email address to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 (This helps us keep track of the # of applicants & keep you informed.)


Suggested City List we recommend applying to. These are found at


Cities of Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti both still need Republican poll workers!

City of Pontiac

City of Flint

City of Lansing

City of Southfield

City of Detroit (TCF Center/Cobo Hall – they say they’re full, but are still recruiting on Craigs List)

Attend Poll Challenger Training:

In Person… this Tues. 10/20 6-8 pm in Novi:




  1. Is an election inspector the same thing as a poll worker? Yes

  2. MAY I RECRUIT other friends or family to be an election inspector (or other roles)?

    Absolutely, please do! You and your friends/family can apply in pairs or teams. You can also specify which location you want to work at. You can also specify that you want to work as an Absentee Voter Count Board worker.

  3. Should I vote ahead of time? Yes! Be sure to request, VOTE, and return YOUR OWN Absentee Ballot to your clerk in person, not by mail.

  4. May I work in a county, city or township OTHER than where I live?

    YES, as long as the local clerk selects you from their applicant pool.

  5. What is the deadline to apply?

    There is no formal deadline. Complete the application as soon as possible.  The sooner you submit your application the more likely it is that you'll be selected. The City of Detroit will stop taking applications as soon as they have filled their needs.

  6. What is the PROCESS for becoming an election inspector?

    A.) Apply to one or more municipalities. Indicate that you wish to count Absentee Ballots. Write it in somewhere on the Application.
    B.) Complete the required training.
    C.) Follow any further instructions provided by the clerk who hires you.

  7. Should I indicate REPUBLICAN PARTY on the application?

    YES & please DO NOT write “independent”. Michigan law requires a balance of Republicans & Democrats where possible.

  8. MICHIGAN LAW prohibits an election inspector to be a poll challenger, candidate for nomination or election on any ballot, or a member of a candidate’s immediate family. (father, mother, sister, spouse, or relative residing in the same household) Also prohibited are anyone convicted of a felony or an election crime.

  9. TRAINING: The clerk will contact you, if you are selected, with information on training dates, times, locations. Training is paid & is generally less than 3 hours.

  10. PAY RATES: Vary from one municipality to another, but usually work out to $10 - $12 an hour. A check is mailed to you 3 to 6 weeks after the election.

  11. Is carpooling available to TCF Center in Detroit?

    If you want to carpool we recommended that you meet at the Meijer in Brighton at 8650 West Grand River Avenue, Brighton, MI 48116.  Please make your own carpooling arrangements with your friends/family. This Meijer store parking lot is designated as a parking lot for carpooling.

  12. PARKING: Free rooftop parking is available at the TCF Center parking deck. We recommend parking on the roof and saving the parking charge. Security personnel are widely available if you want an escort to your car.

  13. FOOD: During the primary two meals were furnished. However, we suggested bringing some of your own food, (just in case). Coolers are permitted and you are encouraged to bring lots of food, beverages and snacks. (Sometimes workers bring treats to share.)        
  14. CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. It could be drafty in a large hall, so dress accordingly. NO political statement or logo clothing, hats, etc.

  15. CELL PHONES: YES, and chargers. Cell phones can usually be used during breaks.
    UPDATE (9/24): We are clarifying the cell phone policy. We will post an update when we receive clarification.

  16. QUESTIONS: Contact Joellen Pisarczyk, Livingston for Trump Office volunteer. 248-219-9738