Randy Kniebes of Brighton writes in his letter to the editor: "In fact, the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose over 1,100 foreign donations — a direct violation of its agreement with the Obama administration to disclose its donors while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State." 

Read his entire letter at the Livingston Daily. 

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When it comes to gaining media attention, Donald Trump is the master. The Trump Campaign outpaced all other candidates in gaining free media attention, or as campaign consultants would say, "earned media." All campaigns strive for maximum earned media because it's a whole lot cheaper than paying for commericials. It is a testament to Trump's media mastery that opponents frequently bemoaned the amount of earned media he acquired.

What Trump accomplished on a national level can be done here at a local level. Livingston For Trump has the media expertise to excel locally in the earned media arena. We are ready to train volunteers to help us dominate the local media market. You can help insure NEVER HILLARY if you are on social media, write letters to the editor, or even just send emails to your friends.Contact us and we'll help you refine your media skills as you help us Make America Great Again!


A crowd of about 200 jammed into Block Brewing for an evening of Platform, Politics, and Pizza. The featured speakers included State Senator Joe Hune, State Director for the Trump Campaign Scott Hagerstrom, and Meshawn Maddock, National Delegate for Trump. Several delegates to the Republican National Convention were in attendance including Livingston County's own Wes Nakagiri. "It was great turnout with lots of enthusiastic support for presumptive nominee Donald Trump," said Nakagiri. Nakagiri will be attending the Republican National Convention and will be casting his vote for Donald J. Trump.

Put up a yard sign, make some phone calls, and contribute to the campaign. These are some traditional ways you can help candidates win their elections.

One lesser known way is to become a precinct delegate. This was highlighted in an April 28th article appearing in the Detroit News.

Scott Hagerstrom, state director of Trump’s campaign, has sent supporters two emails over the last week encouraging them to run for a precinct delegate position in their local communities.

“Many of you have asked, ‘What else can I do to help Mr. Trump here in Michigan?’ Please consider running as a Republican precinct delegate,” Hagerstrom wrote in a Wednesday email to supporters. “We can only begin to change our political system if people like YOU get involved in the process.”

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