Long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene we understood that Washington doesn’t represent us. Establishment politicians ignore the middle class as they cater to the political class. They serve special interest groups, lobbyists, and deep-pocketed donors.

They negotiate poor trade deals which outsource American jobs while simultaneously embracing illegal immigration which drives down American wages. They’ve robbed our children and grandchildren of their opportunity to achieve the American dream as they have saddled future generations with mountains of debt.

And now it has become clear that Obama/Hillary don’t have what it takes to keep America safe. They don’t understand the nature of the enemy as they continue to allow a steady stream of unvetted refugees into our country.

Will our next President be Donald Trump or Crooked Hillary? We cannot know with certainty, but what we do know is that your involvement made a difference. This election season there were record numbers of voters supporting Trump and other outsider candidates. We’ve sent a clear message to party bosses that we will no longer accept their anointed, establishment-friendly candidates. We demanded a candidate who represents our interests, and we’ve proved we have the voting strength to back up our demand.

Trump has ignited a movement and we at LivingstonForTrump.com intend to continue this movement long after the election season is over. Help us fan the flames of liberty and opportunity for all Americans. Join us as we build the Trump movement by doing more than just voting this election season.

If Trump wins he is going to need your continued support to help push his agenda against the same entrenched interests that are currently trying to undermine his candidacy. Join our email list and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest happenings here in Livingston County. We’ll keep you informed of opportunities to stay involved and stay engaged.

With your help we can “Make America Great Again.”